PRICE: $400*

Buying a property is a huge investment, financially and emotionally, and you want to ensure the property is ready for you when you’re ready to buy. Pest & Termite inspections will provide you with the peace of mind, regardless of if your property is brand new or 100 years old, by identifying any current problems or the potential for future infestations.

As part of your inspection, we will check the following areas of the home:

• inside the building
• the exterior
• your roof
• garage and carport
• any garden sheds
• retaining walls
• trees or stumps in the yard
• steps
• fencing, decking, patio beams
• exterior and interior roofing
• underneath floors where necessary
• driveways and pathways

You will receive a detailed report from us, with photographic and thermal camera evidence if required, in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3. The report will include the following:

• History of any treatments that have been carried out on the property prior to your purchase.
• Where the pests are, if there are any. We’ll look for termite activity, nests and areas susceptible to infestation.
• If there has been any loss of structural integrity as a result of the pests – this could be in the interior, exterior, floor or roof. We’ll identify any areas of concern, drainage problems, water leaks, fungal decay.
• Is there any threat of pest infestations in the future?
• Recommendations and maintenance advice to eradicate and prevent problems.

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